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Following the footsteps of pioneers and playing the new voice of The Times -- Tsinghua Jinfan Chinese Orchestra went to France to carry out music ideological and political courses

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During the Spring Festival in 2024, Tsinghua Jifan Chinese Orchestra went to France and was invited to participate in the Mondarji Campus Art Festival marking the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between France and China and achieved a complete success。为充分用好法国丰富的历史文化资源,纪念老一辈无产阶级革命家的丰功伟绩,激发青年学生的责任担当和奋斗精神,民乐团于2月10日、11日分别在蒙达尔纪邓小平广场和拉雪兹公墓巴黎公社墙开展了两场音乐思政课程。

The first music ideological and political course is scheduled to start at 9:00 am on the first day of the Dragon Year on the 10th。蒙达尔纪邓小平广场,原本是蒙达尔纪火车站的站前广场,2014年,为纪念邓小平诞辰110周年和中法建交50周年,该市将此广场命名为“邓小平广场”。Liu Yandong, then Vice Premier of The State Council and alumnus of Tsinghua High School, and Mayor Mundalji jointly unveiled the plaque。Under the command of teacher Hu Jun,民乐团精心演奏了专为此次思政课创作编配的民乐版《亚洲体育博彩平台》、配乐诗朗诵《亚洲体育博彩平台》、《亚洲体育博彩平台》和《亚洲体育博彩平台》等作品,Pay tribute to the great achievements of our ancestors,We wish the great motherland prosperity,The people are happy and healthy。


Cao Haixiang told his classmates about a century ago,To save the nation from extinction,年仅16岁的邓小平远赴法国,The arduous process of seeking scientific knowledge and national salvation truth together with like-minded revolutionary pioneers,Encourage students to take this person, this time, and this place as a new starting point,Carry forward the spirit of exploration and dedication of our ancestors,To be a new person of The Times with family feelings and international vision,Be diligent in thinking,Have the courage to practice,To contribute China's strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the sustainable and peaceful development of the world。


The teachers and students of the orchestra also visited the Mondalji Memorial Hall of the Chinese Work-Study Program in France。

Students of the Jinfan Chinese Orchestra of the High School Attached to Tsinghua University visit the Mondalji Memorial Hall of the Chinese Work-Study Program in France

The second music ideological and political course "Playing the Internationale, Casting the Soul of the Revolution" was held in front of the memorial wall of the Paris Commune in Lachaise Cemetery on the morning of the second day of the Dragon Year on the 11th。

Mr. Hu Jun of the High School Attached to Tsinghua University directs the students of the Jinfan Folk Orchestra to play the Internationale in front of the wall of the Paris Commune in France.

In the ideological and political class, the students learned that behind this wall and the creation of the Internationale, there is a remarkable history of proletarian revolution。After the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, the people of Paris overthrew the bourgeois government and established the world's first proletarian regime, the Paris Commune, which was an unprecedented feat in the history of the proletarian revolution and had a profound impact on the socialist revolutionary movements in the Soviet Union, China and other countries。

Students and teachers of Jinfan Chinese Orchestra of Tsinghua High School pose for a group photo in front of the wall of Paris Commune, France

The students said that they should learn from the brave and fearless spirit of the Paris Commune, not afraid of difficulties and challenges in study and life, and continue to struggle for the country, the people and the better future of all mankind。Afterwards, the folk music version of the "Internationale" specially arranged for this ideological and political lesson echoed over the cemetery。Teachers and students also presented the martyrs with national flags, flowers and the baton that has been used in the concert to commemorate them。

The teachers and students of Jinfan Chinese Orchestra of the High School Attached to Tsinghua pose for a group photo at the main entrance of Lachaise Cemetery in France

This French music Ideological and political course activity was initiated by the Jinfan Chinese Orchestra of the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University in 2019. After the epidemic was released, Secretary Cao was the leader and Teacher Hu was in charge of conducting。

The High School attached to Tsinghua University has always adhered to the moral cultivation as the fundamental task, constantly explored the new measures of "three full education", and made efforts to build the ideological and political work pattern of the school。Attaching importance to the close combination of music literacy training and ideological and political education is also the educational orientation that Jinfan Chinese Orchestra has always adhered to。This time, after careful planning and organization, it was even more groundbreaking to expand the music ideological and political course from China to overseas, by giving students the opportunity to play relevant pieces on the ground, further deepening the understanding of the meaning of the pieces。At the same time, the orchestra performance is closely combined with the on-site ideological and political lessons, which makes the infiltration effect of aesthetic education more prominent, and ideological and political education more into the mind. From the actual effect, this is a very successful attempt。

Student's speech 1:On February 11, 2024, the Chinese Orchestra of Tsinghua High School came to the wall of Paris Commune in France。Gold lettering carved in marble, the ground covered with flowers, rendering a solemn atmosphere。The melodious Internationale played in the cemetery, as if to pull us back to the past, to see the great founder of the proletarian regime sacrificed in front of this wall。Secretary Cao told me that the great proletarian regime was not only mourned by the French people, but also by people all over the world。This course not only made me feel the great feelings of the martyrs, but also made me understand the lofty historical significance of the Paris Commune。(Fu Chunjia, Faculty C23)

Student testimonials 2:The intellectual and political lesson of the Paris Commune told me that the Paris Commune was the first great attempt by the proletariat to overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat。The commune soldiers had firm convictions and would rather die than surrender。In 1871, the last commune soldiers were martyred in front of this wall in the Lachaise Cemetery, giving their precious lives。Today, the grounds of Lachaise Cemetery's gray stone monument are filled with silent bouquets of flowers laid by worshippers。Although the Paris Commune failed, the spirit of the Commune revolution lives on。We should learn from them and work hard for our good ideals without fear of failure。(Mengyin Zhang, Faculty C22)

Student's speech 3:On the second day of the New Year, a team of red teenagers from the ancient countries of Eastern civilization entered the Lachaise Cemetery, not to commemorate a person or a family, but to commemorate a group of proletarians who had sacrificed for the revolution。We played the solemn "Internationale" in front of the stone monument to the victims of the Paris Commune, and had an unforgettable lesson in thought and politics。The soldiers sacrificed their lives in pursuit of freedom, equality and justice. They defended the rights and interests of the people with their lives and promoted the progress of society。After ideological and political school, countless awe arose in my heart, and I was determined to work hard to cultivate my skills for the pursuit of truth and dedication to the motherland。(Zhao Xiangkai, Faculty C22)

Student's speech 4:These lessons deepened my understanding of music。I understood the history and culture behind the music we played, and I felt the greatness of the revolutionary martyrs and their noble spirit of constantly striving for the better development of the country and taking the world as their own responsibility。Our lofty memory and respect for those who devoted their lives to the cause of communism are all integrated into the orchestra's performance, and the solemn music echoes in front of the memorial wall, and echoes in each of our hearts。Their deeds inspire us and give us the motivation to take up the burden of history and work hard for the cause of communism。(Yunxuan Zhou, Faculty of C21)

Student's speech 5:在邓小平广场上,We face the relief of our ancestors,Carry the national flag,Listen carefully to Secretary Cao's ideological and political lessons;Walk into the Work-Study Memorial,We learned about the hardships of our ancestors studying abroad,Feel their determination to save the country;At Lachaise Cemetery in front of the wall of the Paris Commune,We play the Internationale.,We mourn,We reminisce,We pay high tribute to their great spirit of bravely fighting and facing death like death。As the young people of the new era, we should not be afraid of difficulties, be proactive, have the courage to forge ahead, and draw great spiritual strength from the example of our predecessors。Internalize in mind, externalize in action。(Sung-Chen Hsu, G23 Faculty)

Student's speech six:昨日,我们在法国蒙达尔纪邓小平广场,开展了一场别开生面的思政课。As captain and chief,I feel a great responsibility on my shoulders,It's not just the orchestra that's responsible,More have the responsibility of the new generation of Chinese youth;today,We played the Internationale in front of the Paris Commune Memorial Wall,Listen to Secretary Cao's second ideological and political lesson,Remember the great martyrs,Inherit the red gene,Practice "love the country, love the party, love the people,Spread Chinese traditional music culture around the world,To promote the patriotic spirit of contemporary youth"。Ideological and political lessons make me determined to fight for the happiness of more people。(Yeung Yanfu, G22 Faculty)

Photo: Chinese orchestra visiting teachers and students

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